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Roulette is one of the main symbols of Australian online casinos websites . It has many fans who love it for its mesmerizing and beautiful atmosphere. Just bet on the winning number to become a millionaire! All experienced players have played roulette, and we are sure that every true casino fan has a general knowledge of the process, the deals and other important aspects. Nevertheless, everyone knows that there are two versions of the most popular roulette in the world: American and European. Although there isn't much difference between the two versions, each has its own features, which you can learn about in this article about online roulette .

European Roulette.

This is the traditional version. Historians believe that it appeared first and spawned other versions, including the American version. The game was extremely popular in Europe in the 17th century, and since the first online casinos were created in Canada, it quickly found its place in the premises of these establishments. Today, it is offered in all virtual and land-based gambling houses.

The European roulette wheel consists of 37 squares:

  1. 18 red.
  2. 18 black
  3. 1 green with zero.

The rules of the European version are simple: you have to bet, then the dealer throws the wheel and throws the ball. The number of the square in which the ball stops wins. If you win, you get the winnings according to the odds of your bet. It should be said that there are two types of bets. You can bet externally on sectors, colors, even / odd or internal bets on one or more numbers.

American Roulette

The American version appeared in the 19th century. This time immigrants from Europe brought the classic game to the United States. Local players found the game too simple and decided to add another "zero" sector. Thus, the biggest difference between American and European roulette is that the first roulette has a zero and a double zero, which gives 38 squares.

The process of playing is the same: you place a bet and wait for the ball to stop. The bets are also the same: outside bets, where you don't risk too much but win less, and inside bets, which allow you to win dizzying amounts, but they are unlikely. In addition, in American Roulette you can also bet on five numbers (1, 2, 3, 0 and 00).

Which version should I choose?If you want to try your luck and play roulette, you need to choose one of the versions. Which roulette wheel should I choose? First of all, keep in mind that European roulette is more profitable for you: in this variant the casino has a 2.7% advantage, while in American roulette it is 5.26% due to the two zeros.

We recommend that you study the rules of each online roulette version well in order to fully understand their pros and cons. You can also play them for free to test them out. But first of all you need to decide what your goals are: are you playing to make money or just to have a good time. After that, you can move on to the game and win big!


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Software developers for casino games in https://aucasinoslist.com/casinos/fair-go-casino/  release more and more slots with the most impressive graphics and technical features. But their imagination does not stop at the technical sector. What will surprise you is the theme of modern slot machines . Forget the classic games with fruit, the new models allow you to plunge into magical worlds, visit other countries and offer much more opportunities. What themes do online casino players like the most? There are many, but we'll try to name a few that you'll be interested in.

The most popular themes

Every virtual slot machine is unique. Developers try to create products that can interest and attract most players and make them play for real money. For this reason, no provider is going to create slots that are identical to other games. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify two themes that are most often found in slot machines: adventure and Egypt.
Who wouldn't want to go on adventures in the woods or jungle? Do you want to search for lost treasure with Lara Croft or Indiana Jones? It's possible at any reputable online casino. Developers love this theme because it allows them to show all their creativity in animation and special symbols. It's the same with Egypt. Players really like slots with pyramids and pharaohs. In our opinion, it is because of wealth that slot machines are most often associated with Egypt.

Slot machines with movie themes.

Movies are part of the culture that most people love. Everyone loves to watch movies and TV series. For this reason, providers often use the plots of popular works in their slot machines. Try playing any of these slots at the best online casino. The most popular titles in this category are:
Game of Thrones, a TV series whose fan base exceeds millions, is the basis of Microgaming's slot machine. The pattern has 95% payout, 243 paylines and lots of wild symbols. You can become one of the heroes and get rich!

Justice League is a comic book theme beloved by gamers and vendors alike. This is a slot from NextGen Gaming about DC Comics with its most popular heroes: Batman, Superman, Flash and many others. The slot has many special features including Team Rescue, Super Hero Power Up, Attack on Metropolis, multipliers and free spins.

Jurassic World - this time Microgaming turned to Universal Studio and created a slot about the movie Jurassic World. You have the opportunity to meet different dinosaurs and have an unforgettable experience. The title has 243 paylines and a payout percentage of 97%.

There are many other interesting models as well. Phantom of the Opera by Microgaming has many special symbols and multipliers. Rambo by iSoftBet will suit players who like action movies and slots with interesting combinations. Separately, we should mention Lord of the Rings by Microgaming, Rocky by Playtech, Forrest Gump by Cryptologic and others. Choose the theme you like best and go in search of huge successes!


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Many people who cannot imagine their life without risk and adrenaline discover gambling and make it their favorite pastime. They have been around for a long time, and they still had a few fans.

 Players visit casinos daily, and with the development of iGaming, many of them have moved on to online casinos. What kind of gambling can be found in online casinos? The answer is simple: all sorts of entertainment that is found in land-based gambling houses, and more. With all the new technology and modern software, software developers are not limited in creating a variety of models, from progressive slots to live games in Planet 7 OZ online casino that accepts players from Australia .

Types of games at online casinosWhat types of gambling games do you know? Have you heard of roulette and poker? How about slot machines? Or blackjack? Many people have heard of such entertainments, but do not know how to play them, what are the rules and features of these games. Let's find out what games you can play at any quality online casino.

Roulette .

There is no casino that does not offer this classic gambling game. All you need to play is a wheel, a table with bets, and a ball. The player's goal is to guess which number will win. There are outside bets (on sectors, groups of numbers, colors, etc.) And inside bets (on one or more numbers). Obviously, outside bets are more likely, but inside bets have higher payouts. If you're no longer a beginner, try roulette at one of the new online casinos!

Black Jack.

This is a classic game that has many fans among players. You will find many varieties and variations of this entertainment at online casinos. What they all have in common is that you need to have a stronger hand than the dealer's hand, not exceeding 21 points. It must be said that the versions may have their own peculiarities, which relate to the merits of the cards, options for changing cards, hand splits and other things.


There is no one who has never heard of this entertainment. It is known to be a game that requires a lot of experience, a clear mind and well thought out strategies. Poker is a game of chance, so it depends a lot on the player's skills and experience. For this reason, we do not recommend beginners to play it without practice.

Slot machines

These are the most popular and numerous gambling games. Each major online casino offers a large selection of slot machines from different developers. There are simple models with 3 reels, slot machines with progressive jackpots and even 3D games. The latter have the best graphics, animation and sound effects.

A selection of the best casual entertainment

At virtual casinos, you have the opportunity to play a wide variety of gambling games. There are many models from respected developers who produce higher quality products. It should be noted that you can test the games without a deposit. Free mode is ideal for the first acquaintance with new models: you learn the rules and process of the game on several models and choose the most suitable for you. Do not waste your time and play online casino games on reliable sites!


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PaySafeCard is one of the most popular payment services on the Internet. We have noticed that many reputable online casinos offer players to make deposits through this service. Is it that convenient? The number of players who choose to pay with PaySafeCard is slowly increasing. If you are looking for a way to deposit on a gaming platform, consider this option. It has many advantages and is very convenient. Let's find out the main benefits of the card, which is the best online casino that accepts PaySafeCard, and which games you can play there by depositing real money.

PaySafeCard at online casinos

The service started in 2000. It started with a few hundred customers and has become an extremely popular payment method today. Its main advantage is that users do not need to have an account or a bank card to transfer money. It is enough to buy a prepaid card at one of the special centers. The service is very convenient and anonymous, which makes it ideal for Raging Bull online casino for Aussie players.

  1. To use the card to deposit, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the service and betting site. The deposit process is simple:
    you choose PaySafeCard among other bank options for deposit
  2. enter the card code and other necessary details
  3. specify the amount you wish to deposit
  4. the money is transferred very quickly. You wait a few minutes and play the gambling games of your choice, betting and winning real money.

How do you choose the best online casino that accepts PaySafeCard? Pay attention to a few important features that will help you find a reliable platform. 

Speaking of disadvantages, there is not much we can say. You should understand that it is impossible to withdraw your winnings to a prepaid card valid only for transfer. In addition, there are restrictions for residents of some countries. But these are just small disadvantages, and all the advantages of PaysafeCard make this service ideal for real money games at online casinos.